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Where Rocks On have included Slip Resistance test results for selected products, and such tiles may achieve an acceptable standard in a laboratory test, it is possible that the performance in-situ will be less than expected due to installation methods, wear & tear, cleaning methods and unforeseen circumstances. These results are therefore to be seen as a relative guide to estimate the merits of one tile versus another, and should be used in conjunction with the Australian Building Code and the relevant Australian Standards. Any laboratory test results presented must not be viewed to mean that Rocks On - Hard Surface Solutions is providing any sort of warranty against damages.


The classification has taken into account the recommendations of the Australian Standards, however they are given for general guidance only. The classifications are valid for the given application under NORMAL CONDITIONS and should not be taken to provide accurate product specifications for specific requirements.

WARNING: Other standards and building code requirements may affect your selection of tiles.

Consideration should be given to the footwear, type of pedestrian traffic and cleaning methods expected. Floors should also be adequately protected against soiling from following trades during installation, and against scratching devices at entrances to buildings. For example - mats, shoe scapers, static devices, etc.

Concrete series GRAPHITE colour used at TAG Heuer project Brisbane

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