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PRISM is inspired by hand trowelled resin, creating colour depth and graphic detail in 13 original hues, evoking Italian culture in a contemporary manner. Both floor & wall tiles recreate three dimensional effects with uneven colour with harmonious graphics - stunning in both ambience and design.

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Blaze recreates the beauty of oxidized metal in porcelain floor tiles and the purest ceramic wall tiles. Exposed to the action of oxidizing agents, metal surfaces evolve, developing an unparalleled color range and esthetic complexity.

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 Grunge translates the unmistakable personality of raw concrete into elegant, highly realistic and technical porcelain surfaces that display the authentic effects of time as a result of natural aging of cast concrete. Grunge offers four modern and natural colours that are physically distinctive and unique, all being a part of the PROTECT® line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall surfaces - designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.

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Grunge - Storm 3.jpeg


Arkistone is the rediscovery of 3 modern limestone proposals combined in an original manner to create elegant surfaces with a homogeneous look and delicate opalescent veins. These porcelain stoneware floors and walls rely on a refined palette, composed of 5 neutral colours, and on the versatility of 5 sizes, amongst which the largest is 1200 x 2400 mm slabs.

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Porcelain innovation harnesses the strength of stone in this collection with outstanding subtle aesthetic potential. Storm is an original reinterpretation of Pulpis stone with contrasting veins and a lightly textured surface that enhances this material look and feel.

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Mixit is a new tile collection inspired by a blend of three kinds of stone. These tiles offer amazingly broad design potential and are suitable for use in all kinds of settings with matching floor and walls, and feature wall decors.

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The Rue de Paris collection features a mix of designs which emulate highly attractive ambience. In one single collection, it manages to evoke a mixture of sheet metal, cement and slate in a wide variety of sizes, textures for both floor and wall - including large formate wall decors.

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A porcelain stonewear series dedicated to the asthetic of honed concrete. Showcased in 5 subtle shaded colourways with wonderful large formats up to 800 x 1600mm in size.

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From the evocative magmatic rock named porphyry comes stone connexion, a range of porcelain stoneware in versatile 20x30 and 20x20 traditional sizes. The colours of Stone Connexion express all the natural characteristics of stone, teaming them with the advantages of the finest porcelain stoneware to form a natural looking hard wearing landscape surface.

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CISA_STONE CONNEXION_Luserna amb esterno


Yosemite is a collection that originates from stone making us feel at home. These porcelain proposals are made up of a careful selection of limestone slabs whose mineral essence is imbued with this profound natural quality and conveyed through its beautiful shades and veining. Yosemite has a distinct and elegant personality that makes it suitable for projects in both modern and rustic styles.

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A collection that features the beauty of the most elegant, minimalist forms of marble. Subtle patterns, light veins and soft shading make up the designs of this collection, which has taken its inspiration from the stone used in the most inspiring examples of classical culture. Vanity is part of the PROTECT line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.

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Vanity - Glossy Statuario & Touch Dark B


This extensive range includes 120x240, 120x280 & 160x320cm porcelain slabs designed for internal & external wall cladding, kitchen & vanity bench tops, splashbacks, tables & furniture.

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The decisive elegance of stone comes to life in a collection inspired by Beola stone of Vald’Ossola, Italy. When placed in any environment, Klif becomes a striking focus point. Realism is the strong point of the Klif, reproducing the veins and shading typical of Beola stone.

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Inspired by natural stone from quarries next to English lakes near Burlington. Its unique technical and aesthetic characteristics make Stone Lake a perfect option for indoor and outdoor spaces and for connecting the two. It has excellent
specifications and comes in 450×900mm and 300×600mm format porcelain with a smooth texture, forming a tessera composition with different textures and high decorative value.

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Flodsten is a porcelain tile inspired by a natural stone from northern Italy (Ceppo di Gré). Thanks to the wide range of formats, the series can be adapted to any space, with a tonal range that is very minimalist in style. For both flooring and wall covering applications. This series is well suited to interior and exterior spaces especially thanks to the wide range of formats.

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The Marna series blends stone and cement with natural colors and delivers modular sizes that allow the user many different ways of usage. Available in two finishes, one for interior and a second for exterior.

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To the typical warm colours of Salento stone, three trend versions have been added to complete the Pietra Di Lecce series of porcelain stonewear. The rustic border and three different modular sizes suggest a vast possibility of laying patterns, indoors and outdoors.

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A perfect blend of contemporary style and timeless appeal. We’re looking at a wall covering able to offer an impressively accurate reproduction of the surface and the feel of brick. This rough texture, of an unprecedented material intensity, comes in a wider variety of shades, which, in a thickness of just 10 mm, brings the marvellous essence of brick right back to life.

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The cosmopolitan air of Bristol, with a wealth of traces of the city’s post-industrial heritage, is reflected in the brand new surface inspired by the typical brick facades found there. The allure, feel and urban spirit of bricks springs back to life in this porcelain stoneware, evident in which is the strongly contemporary nature of the vibrant neighbourhoods that make up this English city.

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This stone has been used for centuries both for the wall coverings of noble French castles and for their paving, and it is from the paving of a castle in the Loire Valley that the particular stone which inspired “Stone Concept”. A hard wearing porcelain stonewear of structural beauty

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This innovative approach to creating decorative walls has seen the beauty of wallpaper finishes interlocked in patterns using hexagon tiles - that even extends itself to feature floors.

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The only dry laying installation system without the use of adhesives, and CERTIFIED with KERLITE – superior ultra-thin porcelain slabs.

With a thickness of only 7mm or 8mm this system and highly durable porcelain stoneware flooring is perfect for interior RESIDENTIAL and LIGHT COMMERCIAL use.  

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Kerlite Plus - Lithos 6Plus 120x120 Livi


Boost is simplicity at its finest - the subtle clean look of concrete with just the right balance of earthy tones. This collection surpasses the minimalism of industrial style to become the centerpiece of your environment with a strong identity.

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In contrast to the perfect finishes, hi-gloss and super shiny metallic in a P3 / R10, Look Back Collection welcomes deconstructed luxe in the shape of a subtle metallic design with a lappato finish. This collection aesthetic combines a relaxed pattern with a nod to industrialism on its edges. Available as a 7mm porcelain in three fascinating tones – green, black and white –, this collection completes itself with a variety of special pieces that will create the most arousing feature walls.

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Inspired by Abstract Expressionism, Go Crazy collection goes beyond
and focuses on the aesthetics of Action Painting that put the emphasis on the act of painting itself. This pictorial current expression on hard surface porcelain is more like a canvas than an image. In this collection, the surface design, spontaneously and energetically, becomes a Space of Freedom.

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Inspired by the Bazilian city of tiles - San Luis de Maranhao - the Sao Luis collection presents bespoke designs of an important Portuguese influence with colours from the ancient Brazilian Caribbean. This type of designs can still be found nowdays in the facades of the historic center of this city built during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This 600x600 porcelain tile collection is scored to a 100x200 size to recreate the oringinal smaller tiles. Sao
Luis is ideal for any residential space, indoor and outdoor, due to a new technique that offers higher slip resistance with a smoother finish that is also very convenient for public spaces.

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Two tonalities - Vestige and Sand - have arisen from the creation of
this porcelain collection characterized by its modern designs and
great variation among pieces. Warm and decorative; rugs have a
major influencee on the aura of any room and radiate homeliness.
This is the inspiration for these these unique and exceptional pieces which exude elegance and zest in any environment

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Urban is edgy design at its core. This collection will inspire your eyes
to dance and discover with each style embracing 72 designs! Each box reveals a random collective mix of 46 tiles to go wild with visual texture and colour. An eclectic mix to bring life into any feature.

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Ceppo stone, formed through the ages between the rocks of Mount Clemo and the waters of Lake Iseo. A versatile material, capable of giving striking individuality to any environment. Pietra D’Iseo is a
completed design solution, for indoors as well as outdoors.

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Kerlite Woodland captures the atmosphere of discovery experienced on a fascinating journey to unspoilt landscapes and faraway countries to find rare and precious types of wood. It explores the nature of wood and the search for the living beauty in this material,in the form of the grain and the colours, where the effects of the veining are sometimes more structured and refined and sometimes more intense and striking. is part of the PROTECT line of products: antimicrobial floor and wall tiles, designed for healthy, safe and protected living spaces.

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Woodland - Walden Wild.jpg